Tuesday, May 12, 2009

how it started?

So this is the big long intro, sit down pull up a comfy chair!
Ok maybe not so bad, about 2000 or so I was told someone I knew had a child recently diagnosed with autism. I really knew nothing at the time. I decided if I was going to be around the maybe I should learn. At this time my children were already working with therapists and docs for various reasons. One had mentioned autism to me about my oldest, I shot that down so fast it was unreal! My knowledge at the time was limited, only having been around a few autistic people, and they were the low functioning. I was not willing to even think about it. (kick self now)
So I started my reading. I was sent an email describing aspergers, and it was like reading about my son! I thought " who knows us, who sat and watched and wrote?" Creepy! So I read more and more and more. I started to see my son n many things I read. I started to apply things I read that worked for autistic and aspergers children, and they worked! When he constantly asked if it was time for lunch, bout drove me crazy doing it, I bought him a watch, i wrote out our daily schedule, hung it on the wall and showed him what time we had lunch, he did not ask again, unless I change lunch and forget to tell him. Many other things happened. A few years went by, my learning, reading and applying. Still I did not talk to a doctor about my suspicions. Eventually he was weaned off meds, and doing ok with out, as long as I stuck to the routine. Eventually I did seek a doc, bring up concerns and he was diagnosed. He does see a therapist but is currently not on meds. I work hard to keep a schedule. We have white boards all over, we have chore boards up, to make sure every one knows what everyone should be doing.
At this time I have a daughter with bipolar, ocd and possible did, 2 sons aspergers, a dd with severe anxiety disorders, another son with depression and adhd, me- anxiety disorders and some physical health issues. They all keep me busy. I am not going to go into detail in one long post. I am going to tell over a few posts different things we have done, and do now that work for us. Oh ya one asperger son also has tourettes, and the other has a not yet narrowed down tic disorder.
So for now here is our intro and from here on out we will be referred to as
Nanna- bipolar, ocd, possible did
boo- aspergers, tourettes
bubba- depression, adhd
loo- anxiety disorders and depression, ocd
sir n- aspergers tic disorder
chubby- hmm just a cutie for now
baby E- adorable and at this time not dx of any kind
mom- me! anxiety disorders, fibromyalgia, arthritis, pelvic/hip issues caused by ham string issues, thyroid and adrenal
So for now soak that in and I'll slowly add. In the mean time comment, read through the links.

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