Monday, February 15, 2010

Looking for a new way to word statements on Autism

Me and "AAH"( formerly boo, 16 yr old son) were on the computer. I am getting ready to put links on here. One site says "Treating Autism" He is offended by it. I have taught my kids mainly him, that its just him, part of him, not to be ashamed, embarrassed, hide it or anything. Its just a part of who he is, helps shape his personality.
So to us its not a disease, just part of who they are, what shapes and makes them unique, and all my children are unique in their own way.
So when he saw that it bigged him. He says "Its not a disease, its not treated like a disease" Many see it as a disease. I have taught him, and the other kids, and other people to accept it. We have focused on ways to handle the effects, symptoms, characteristics brought on by AS. Never treating as a disease. So We are trying to figure out a new way to word that.
Whats a good way to change the statement "Treating Autism" and similar statements? Some of our thoughts are
Learning to live with Autism
Accepting and adapting to characteristics of Autism
Learning to live outside the umbrella
what are your thoughts?
I know some of the issues brought on need to be handled, these kids need to learn to move forward, past some issues brought on by living under the Umbrella, but it should not be looked at as a horrid disease, I love my AS Boys. They are loving, caring, and sweet in their own ways!

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