Thursday, September 29, 2011

If you have an Aspergers child, or anyone else in your home has an allergy to dairy or intolerance here is an awesome way to be able to enjoy a great dessert and not worry about the dairy. Add your favorite herbs and spices and make it nutritious and delicious! I make Black Rice pudding using herbal tea and water and coconut milk. I add cinnamon, Good Earth sweet N Spicy tea, Ginger, Nettle leaf, Roasted Dandelion, and whatever else I feel like to the water and again to the coconut milk. The recipe is 2 Cups  black rice                                             6 Cups water                                                                                         Spices and herbs                                                                                                            3 tea bags of any packaged tea used              3 TBS any loose spice or Herb used                                                                 Bring to boil then simmer until water is gone      usually takes an hour or more Add 1 cup sweetener- sugar, brown, sugar, stevia, or honey. You can use more or less according to your taste and 1 package coconut                                              Add 4 -6 Cans Coconut Milk so it is liquidy again. Stir well and simmer again until Thickened and rice is soft. If you use this recipe you can change anything, add your favorite tea or herbs,  try with almond milk also.                                   For a change in chocolate or Vanilla Pudding try some of the following ideas. Choose your milk substitute first. Water, Hemp Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk or Rice milk are my favorite options. Measure the amount of liquid needed for the recipe, and add herbal tea. If I use packaged tea bags I use 2 bags per cup of liquid. If I am using loose Herbal tea I use 3-5 TBS per cup depending on how strong I want it and the type of Herb being used. I use a tea ball or muslin tea bag for this. I steep for at least 20 minutes. Sometimes longer, you can sit it in the fridge covered overnight if you want.  Remove herbal tea and continue with recipe as normal. There are so many ways to change pudding using spices and herbs. Use your imagination. Cloves, Orange peel, ginger, Raspberry herb and chocolate mint tea in chocolate or vanilla pudding.  Use chamomile at night for a relaxing dessert to help mellow out the kids. Rose Hips are great in Vanilla Pudding. Orange ginger in Vanilla is a nice twist as well!


  1. Aspergers affects children in many different ways. Some times it is hard to know just how to deal with an out of control child, leave them alone, patience and understanding is the best medicine.

  2. Patience and understanding are best. Many times when we see a child in the spectrum do something they should not is is easy to think they are just being difficult, and the desire to punish can be strong, and it is not always best. Each child and situation is unique, and should be handled as needed, always keeping in mind that many things can effect a child or adult in the spectrum


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