Friday, February 6, 2015

Thinking about spectrum disorders, processing disorders and Temperaments

I was doing some reading earlier today about Natural Approaches to Processing Disorders, Autism, Aspergers, and other spectrum and non spectrum issues we face today.  I do not know how many are familiar with Temperaments or know their own Temperament, or the Temperaments of family members.  Often finding out the Temperament of someone diagnosed with the above issues will explain the behavior, moods, sleep, eating, learning styles and more. I know Spectrum disorders exist, I also know at times people are diagnosed when it can be explained by finding out the Temperament, learning about it, discovering if they are balanced or not. Learning the Temperaments of family members can change the way you look at them, treat them, react to them and that can change the way they treat you and react to you. If a person is not balanced it can be simple to fix.  By planning meals, exercise, meditation, sleep,,activities, outings, home time, sleep while keeping the needs   Often children, teens and adults will behave in ways that are not acceptable by societies standards and it leads to diagnosing with 1 or more of many disorders. It may be as simple as their personality and meeting their needs, making sure they have what they need in right amounts on a daily basis.  This is not always the case. Many truly are somewhere in the spectrum or other disorders/syndroms. Finding out the Temperament then can also be helpful for everyone involved. There are many quizzes, tests, and websites, facebook pages about Temperaments. Some have good accurate info, many have bad inaccurate info, especially if looking for it in regards to someone in the spectrum. So be very careful where your info comes from. If you have any questions Im happy to answer. I also do Temperament Consultations if you have questions or would like one.
I have more than 1 child diagnosed with Aspergers,  anxiety and more.  All benefit knowing their Temperament. It has helped me so much in knowing their needs. Knowing my own Temperament has also helped me understand my reactions to things so I can be aware and help them better.  Im not saying I have an instant cure. What I do have is possible help, understanding, information, new methods to deal and cope and above all HOPE that it can get better.  I hope to write a series of blogs dedicated to Temperaments and Spectrum disorders such as autism, Aspergers, ADHD and more. I would love to have questions from readers and clients that I can hopefully answer and make sure Iam addressing the needs of readers.  If you have questions but prefer to stay private feel free to PM me or email me. If you have questions and I answer them as part of the series I will not use names or personal information. I hope to hear from some of my readers. I have posted this to my facebook page for this blog as wel as here in hopes of more people asking questions. I truly want to answer your questions not just write things everyone already knows about.

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