Saturday, August 4, 2012

been a while since I have blogged

So I thought I better stick my head in and come up with something good to say! Were doing good. I have a newsletter going with a few topics, it seems to be expanding! I am thinking of including Living under the umbrella and still getting wet as part of it. I am just trying to figure out how exactly to work the news letter, and signing up for it. Right now it is part of my business web  site. I want to keep it part of business but not sure I like the set up now. That and I am considering expanding slowly so the newsletter becomes an online magazine eventually. I would like to have some guest writers, and cover a few areas. If anyone is interested in possibly being a guest writer let me know.
My Aspies are good for the time being. We have had a few more rages than normal the last few months as we have had major changes! Larry my husband is home again. And that changed a lot! caused some rages. We have been doing family therapy, need to do more. Also have Insurance now and they cover some excellent resources for Spectrum issues, so we may be using the resources available to us!
School is great for me. I am writing my thesis for my Masters on the topic of Spectrum and special needs and herbs. I am also writing a thesis paper for my masters in Nutrition, covering food allergies and intolerance, mainly dairy. It can have such a dramatic effect on a child it is unreal. If Chubby has any milk the difference in him is unreal, he will go from knowing his Alphabet to not recognizing any of them. His allergy is severe.
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