Thursday, February 14, 2013

When we stray from our normal daily routine

Recently I couldn't figure out why we were having more rages than normal. When I was talking to Larry about it I realized our school schedule is so outta wack and far from our normal and the problem! So we are working on a new normal, and doing a lot of talking and hoe it works out and leads to a smooth road ahead of us.
What are some of the small things that can send your aspie or other in the syndrome rage or act out?
Normally if I know were coming to a change I give lots of warning but this one caught me off guard and I didn't see it coming. It is a reminder of how many things in life can have a negative effect on my children, things that are not even bad, but due to the aspergers causes raging and pain in them.
Just my thoughts for the day!

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