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Cheese alternatives for the dairy free diet

Cheese alternatives for the dairy free diet

One of the first things I am often asked is "what about cheese?" I then explain about vegan cheese, vegetarian cheese, tofu cheese, goat and sheep cheese. If you have a health food store or a health food section in your local store you should be able to find alternatives to cheese. Most carry Vegan cheese in the health food section. You can also find vegetarian cheese often but be careful and read labels they often have dairy in some form. If they have a frozen section you may want to check for frozen variations of dinner options for dinners that usually have cheese. For instance we have dairy free macaroni and cheese. They also have lasagna, bagels, muffins, burritos, tacos and more that are all dairy free. In Topeka you can go to to The Health Food Mart and get dairy free foods. They have a web site.They are located at 1507 SW 21st Street (21st & Washburn),Topeka, KS 66604. You can find their sale ads on their web site.
Another option to dairy free is to try cheese from goats and sheep. Often after a period of time away from all dairy a person is able to handle cheese, milk, dairy products from sheep and goats. The proteins are easier to break down than the proteins from a cow. Often the local Grocery stores will carry Goat cheeseand Sheep cheese. Some excellent cheeses are: Drunken Goat Cheese, Manchego Cheese and Some times Romano. Read the Labels on the cheese it will tell you what animal it comes from. Usually Goat cheese had a picture of goats on the front. Some cheese that is made from goats or sheep in other countries is not made the traditional way here, often they will substitute with cow milk.
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