Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Small Things

Sometimes we have a day going along with out any issues and then "BAM" out of the blue someone is a raging machine! Leaving you wondering what happened. You think, look around, and wonder what happened. You have kept the normal routine for the day, nothing varied through the day that you are aware of, so what happened. You talk to your child and he/she has no clue what triggered the rage. so now what do you do? 1st sit back, regroup wit a cup of tea or whatever relaxes you. Look around, think about the day, looking for anything out of the ordinary. 
We always think of the big things, the obvious things that trigger, and often we miss the smaller, and frequent triggers. We over look something as simple as moving a picture that hangs on the wall to a new location. To us it may be  nothing, not a big deal but to someone in the spectrum it is a big deal. It can cause major meltdown. 
Appliances or dishes in new places, new furniture, curtains can trigger your aspie or SN child. Did you move or add or remove something from your child's bedroom? Even cleaning it can be a trigger. 
Did your schedule vary even in the slightest way? All these things can trigger a rage. 
One way I have found to help cut down on rages is to teach my children that sometimes things change from the normal. As I teach them a new schedule, routine or just go over our normal daily routine I make sure to add "things can change and we may do things different than expected" After a while of this they got better at learning to accept change, sometimes. They are not perfect about it but it helps some, I see improvement. 
Always remember acceptance is so important. You must accept you SN child for who he/she is. Love them no matter what they do, unconditional love is so important. Patients, forgiveness, and always remember its not intentional, they do not plan to rage, they do not want to rage but they can not always control it. Sometimes as they get older and learn tools to cope they rage less and do better. 
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Jaelene H
Reflexologist, Typologist, Herbalist and Nutritional Health Consultant

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