Saturday, February 23, 2013

From Grandmas point of view

I thought it would be nice to get another point of view. Not just mine, not just from a parents view but from a grandmas point of view. So the following is written by the grandmother of my children. She lives with us and has spent a lot of time with them.

      Being the grandmother of a child with Aspergers is a different kind of life, especially when you live with aspergers children. You never know what to expect. They can be sweet and loving very affectionate or very stand offish. They may or may not say "I love you" But make no mistake you know they do. 
They take everything to heart and very personal. 
Most Aspergers children are shy and don't make friends easily. They are extremely bright. They learn really fast and don't seem to forget. 
You need to be on your toes all of the time, if they catch you off guard you will probably have a good laugh. 
I love my Aspergers grandchildren, They have given me a lot of joy and some tears.

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